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Linda’s first in her Sir Winston’s novel series, LOOPHOLE…Leaps & Hounds, is taking romantics, animal lovers, fantasy, suspense & mystery lovers, and Christians by storm! The debut novel has won the endorsement of the largest and most respected animal advocacy organization in the world, The Humane Society of the United States, a/k/a, HSUS, as well as various other accolades.


Experience the romance, intrigue, and power of God in this riveting tale! Set in both the quaint ambience of small town Texas, together with the cosmopolitan allure of big city, Dustin, Texas; our leading characters are as compelling and diverse as the two cultures themselves. Add the edge-of-seat suspense of Stone Shelton's southern U.S. and South American organized crime syndicate - embedded deep within unassuming small town Loveland - along with the heartugging, passionate, love triangle of herion and hero Millie Graves and Michael Stephen Archer, III, entangled in the shady, alcoholic, criminal antics of Howard Graves, mix a heavy dose of God's miraculous, undying love and faithfulness for both his children and animal creation...and then hold tight for a life altering reality sure to impact the eternal soul.     

Linda Churchwell's Sir Winston's LOOPHOLE...Leaps & Hounds Novel!

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