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Two dynamic women, the two driven men they love, a formidable pact – and a DOG – which God uses to turn their lives...indeed the world...upside down!


MILLICENT E. GRAVES spellbindingly shows us how what a conned world often terms weak is – in truth – valiant.  It all begins when the natural beauty’s longed for pet adoption day, and hard fought for Christmas blessing, insanely ignites into a heart-stopping abduction.  …And how could “Millie’s” shady alcoholic husband, yet again, abandon her at the big city animal shelter – thus leaving her stranded twenty-seven miles from their quaint home in Loveland, Texas…consequently placing her life in peril? 

She and four fellow abductees; her newly adopted dog, puppy, and kitten – as well as Michael Stephen Archer, III – the outrageously handsome, Godly, shelter director – are taken captive at gunpoint by a disgruntled – sociopathic –– shelter employee.  Five innocent souls are forced into the wintry backwoods in the dead of night, and told murderous revenge is their perpetrator’s agenda. Is Millie a victim of happenstance, or is a grandiose divine destiny in play? 

This fateful night is only the beginning of a suspenseful romantic tour de force. Unimagined, edge-of-seat events, panoramically catapult each life into divine call, true love, organized crime, angelic visitations, and mystery which sets them – human, hound, and feline – on a spiritual loophole journey of a lifetime.  Enter best-friend, Madison, along with a bevy of other heart-tugging characters – via unforeseen twists and turns – then hold tight to experience the life changing whirlwind of God’s abiding love and faithfulness!  

Endorsements  &  Accolades!

"This novel must reach its audience NOW!  Spiritual warfare at its very core! Loopholes, leaps, and hounds are each strategically identified in a harmonious fashion.  Intricately woven into a suspenseful romance that traverses many twists and turns, Linda Churchwell’s novel proves that Christian love, coupled with goodness, honesty, and kindness – following God’s plan – ALWAYS PREVAILS!"

- Terri Lynn Schmidt, Co-Author of "Dare To Be A Difference Maker", Columnist for The Downtown Business News, former Opryland entertainer, Entrepreneur

“If you like true love, mystery, wet puppy kisses and guardian angels – then “LOOPHOLE…Leaps & Hounds” is this year’s breakaway romantic- suspense hit! Take it from a guy who spends most of his reading hours, or “intellectual capital” as I say; on the scholarly side of the road…this book is amazing! Enjoyed it even more the second time around…yes folks it’s that good! It held me on the edge of my seat, deepened my love for animals and renewed a bit of hope in my heart. This book is already on my list to give this Christmas.”

                     - Rev. F. Earl Fitzsimmons, “Bring The Light Ministries”

“Somehow, Linda, your book has touched the various needs we all have. For me, it’s seeing the beauty of God in His creatures and how He uses them to inspire us and bring us such joy. Your writing skill reminds me of legendary author, Richard Adams, who wrote the all time classic, Watership Down. However, I feel your work is even BETTER because you bring your characters alive in every way!!!”

                        - Pam Guerrieri, Senior Editor of A-1 Editing Service

“I’m in love with this book – no exaggeration. Linda’s book is one of my absolute favorites in all my years of editing and has brought more tears – both joy and pain – to last a lifetime. But, it’s that heart-tugging affect her characters have that make us embrace those tears. So, while it’s been hard for me to work on after the death of my husband, it’s also been therapeutic. God certainly hand-picked this project for me, because it even inspired me to get my own little “Sir Winston”, a Schnauzer, who has also been a part of my healing process. I wouldn’t trade my work on this book for anything!”

          - Kimberly Jace, Junior Editing Partner of Proofed to Perfection

“Oh Linda, this is by far the best book I have ever read! I’m an avid reader, and have read many books which impacted me – but this one literally changed my life. I laughed, cried, and grew as a Christian, Mother, and animal lover. Thank you for the honor of reviewing such a masterpiece.”

                      - Dana DuBois, of Christian faith, Consumer Focus Group

“I could not put this book down!  I told myself I must, but constantly turned to the next page in order to see what would happen next. I simply had to read to the end! “LOOPHOLE…Leaps & Hounds” is a heartwarming and suspenseful experience of good versus evil. It gives the reader a real understanding of God’s love for all His creation and reminds us that in an often dark world – the light of goodness in heroic hearts still shines bright. I simply love this novel!   

                            - Beth Balman, of Jewish faith, Consumer Focus Group

    The Debut!
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